Why You Should Be Drug Testing Your Teenager

Drugs are just another one of those “talks” you have to have with your teenager…

Between puberty, sex, and drugs there seems to always be something to talk to them about. And while it can be awkward at first, it is vital to their safety and your ability to protect them.

Unfortunately, drugs are a major part of our society today and the effect it has on our youth is no different. Drugs are becoming more and more easy to obtain and less and less kids are afraid of them. As teens learn to drive and become more independent, the potential for drug abuse can become even more prevalent as they have several opportunities where no one is watching them.

Just talking to your teen about drug usage isn’t enough. However, periodic drug tests can let you know not only if they are using drugs, but it can also tell you a few other valuable things:

  • What substance they are ingesting.
  • Their level of risk for addiction.
  • What risk they have for physical harm.

Oftentimes, denial is the easiest route, however, it does nothing to solve the problem. You should consider drug testing your teenager periodically because:

Peer pressure is unbelievable.

The pressure young adults feel from their friends and classmates is unreal – it can be so strong they will do things they would have never even imagined themselves doing. Even if they don’t want to participate, the temptation can be incredibly strong.

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When they are surrounded by it, the participation almost becomes involuntary as they really see no other option.

Drugs are readily available.

Until you have walked the halls for a day in your child’s shoes, you might never realize how incredibly easy it is for young adults to obtain drugs without anyone ever knowing. Your own home could even be a drug source for them thanks to the prescription medication in your medicine cabinet.

Whatever the source, students are ready to pay and will buy regularly.

It is viewed as the “cool” thing to do.

Even if you don’t think it sounds very “cool” your teen and their friends might disagree. Back in the day, smoking was the cool thing to do…

Now, it is drugs – especially marijuana among young students.

Furthermore, students will often go as far as to mix drugs and alcohol because it is the cool way to party.

By regularly monitoring your child – both by talking to them and testing them – you might be able to protect them from some of the potential dangers of drugs. Addiction can start at a very young age, so it never hearts to use a few precautionary measures to help ensure it doesn’t take hold of your child.

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