For an addict or someone who is struggling with mental health problems, the best place you can be is a rehab.

It is a great idea to strive personally to handle either of the above-mentioned health problems, the fact still remains that you cannot breakthrough from addiction or completely treat your mental health problems yourself.

The primary reason why the concept of a rehab was created, is to bring professionals specialized in the act of treating mental disorders and addiction with people who are struggling with them.

One of the lovely benefits you stand to gain from opting for a rehab is the support. Note this, the form of support you get here is the professional one that is devoid of any form of sentiments and prejudice.

As a matter of fact, the support received here is enough to motivate the family and friends of the individual to support their loved one.

An addict or mental health patient who receives ample support has the tendencies to recover faster and better than those who do not get theirs.

This support does not end as it continues all through the phases of addiction and mental health treatment.

Also, a rehab is a place where an addict does not have access to substances or activities that trigger their addiction.

For mental health patients, it is a place where there are rid of any event or activity that remind them of their mental health problems.

Patients at a rehab are usually assisted to focus on themselves.

For addicts and mental health patients, they will be taught the act of gaining insights into their true potential. They will also learn ways on how to deal with their respective problems and emerging strong at the end.

At a rehab, individuals are not left to themselves, they have the opportunity of mingling with individuals who are like them and are ready to recover. Thus, there would be a profound relationship formed among everyone in a rehab.


Abuse is the final phase before addiction. This is the phase where individuals are prone to be addicted. The abuse of substances is primarily the intake of either alcohol or drugs. There are different purposes for taking these substances.

For some people, it helps them with reformation when it comes to their mental health problems. For others, they need these substances to deal with stress.

An adult who is addicted today certainly abused substances as a teenager. Addiction does not happen overnight, it is the end-result of abuse. A teenager who starts abusing substances finds it very difficult to quit.

The reason for this is, teenage years is a very critical point of their lives. It is the stage of development which determines to an extent, how the rest of their lives will play out.

So, whatever action they imbibe during this years will continue to modify and take shape as they get older.

Teenagers who abuse substances are also a source of grief to their parents and loved ones. Due to their ignorance, they would destroy good relationships in the process.

In preventing teens from abusing substances, the first step is proper awareness.

They need to realize the fact that people who abuse substances will have themselves to blame in the future. These set of people are putting a huge chunk of their health at risk, and it might result in their eventual death.

Also, teenagers need to be informed on the effect of substance abuse on their productivity, the paramount one being their academics.

Teenagers who abuse substances will find it hard to focus on their academics, because of the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol.

In addition, parents need to make sure that their teenagers move with the right set of people. Usually, teenagers who abuse substances were influenced by their peers.

Hence, by all means necessary, parents need to make sure that the friends of their teenagers are sober people with sober parents/guardians.

A teenager who is helped to quit the abuse of substances will certainly lead a good and healthy life.